SUPERLIN focuses on providing the most suitable agricultural equipment and processing machines for farmers around the world with best performance-price ratio since its establishment. We listen to you, design for you, make for you and succeed with you.

Quality and Customer-care is what we uphold in our work day by day. They are values we rely on to live and grow up. They encourage us to stand on the side of our customer to think what product, service and opportunity they need. These values determine the way we work and the quality we offer.

All for customers is the best achievement what we are always pursuing to. Our strong and decisive leadership team is dedicated to realize it under the support of our employees, whose success on the job and in life is also what we care and we are trying to achieve.

We are working for those who cultivate and harvest in land, for those who transform and enrich the land, and for those who build upon the land. We are dedicated to your success, no matter where you are from and who you are. With more and more experiences accumulated from the past, we have come a long way in understanding the market diversification and differentiation. Our products are involved in a wide rage and diversity, which could satisfy your needs maximally. We are dedicated to be your preferred product supplier and best business partner.

Founded in 2008, Superlin is still very young but now is very energetic and prosperous. At the beginning, we are just an importer and exporter, working as a sourcing and distributing agent of various agricultural equipments.

Our growth and success are attributed to the continued cooperation and support of our partners, our customers and our employees. For this, we would like to express our sincere appreciation .Our mission is to attain collaborative development and all-win and common prosperity with our partner, to provide the most suitable product and the best inquiry solution for our customers and to make the steady and harmonious work environment and help to advance the career development for our employees.


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