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Walking Transplanter

Comparing with rice transplanting by hand, walking transplanter is more accurate. It guarantees the transplanting quality, and seedling’s even distribution between row spacing and planting distance. It increases the transplanting success, supports the stronger stooling, raises the number of productivity ear, and obviously increases the production. We have various walking rice transplanters for your choice.… Read More »

High Speed Transplanter

High speed transplanter, called also as riding transplanter, is the machine with high-technology. Comparing with walking transplanter, it is more comfortable and productive. It is inclined to develop riding type in the future. More number of rows, the higher the productivity is. Usually, 6-row riding transplanter is the most popular machine considering the overall high… Read More »

Portable Harvester

Portable harvester, also called mini harvester or paddy cutter, suits to work in the plane, highland, terrace, triangular area and marshy land. It can harvest wheat, paddy, soybean, sugarcane, reed, clover and the other crops. It is easily operated and is highly efficient during work. There are series of products equipped with engines of different… Read More »

Walking Harvester

Our walking harvester is simply structured, easily operated and conveniently maintained. It has light-weight, small measurement, low power consumption, steady and reliable performance. It can harvest rice, wheat, soybean, reed and the other crops in the highland, hilly area and plane field. Product Feature: ● It is mini-typed, man-holding, self-walking. ● Wide application: it can harvest rice,… Read More »

Combine Harvester

Our combine harvester has obtained multiple national patents and well received great reputation by farmers. Product Feature: ● The machine adopts hydraulic continuously variable transmission and it also has feed adjustment, load display, & automatic alarming system. ● The travel system employs hydraulic continuously variable transmission plus speed changing box with three-speed gear shift, which achieves a wide… Read More »

Mini-combine Harvester

Mini-combine harvester is head-feed micro-rice combine with most advanced technology nowadays. It features in rice straw reclamation; easy operation, small measurement, light weight and walking controllable. Product Feature: ● Easy operation, both man and women can drive it easily. It turns flexibly, maintain conveniently and dismantling simply. ● Wide land suitability. It can work in dry and… Read More »

Rice Harvester

According to the degree of mechanization, our rice harvester is divided into four types: portable harvester, easily operated and suitable to work in the small and irregular fields; walking harvester, supports working speed regulation and suits to operate in varying environments; Mini-combine harvester, able to work in dry and paddy field, and in massive land… Read More »