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Paddy Pre-cleaning Process

Paddy pre-cleaning process is to preliminarily remove the straw, rice head, hemp rope, clod and the other bigger impurities from the raw grain to guarantee the smooth working of the latter machines and equipment. It is the first course for the rice processing machine line. Cylinder cleaning sieve is the equipment to clear the raw… Read More »

Paddy Destoning Process

Paddy de-stoning process is mainly to eliminate the sundries like grass seeds, rice husks and paddy insects, the stones, clod and sand from the paddy. It is to further clean the grain and prepare for next processing. Vibrating Screen Combinational Destoner The machine is dedicated to clean grains by removing the stones. It is the… Read More »

Paddy Hulling Process

Paddy hulling process is to remove the rice husk from the paddy then to get the brown rice. Rice hulling machine strips down the rice husk, reduces the rice crack and epidermis damage, and try to keep rough rice rounded. Rubber Roll Rice Hulling Machine This machine adopts double support structure, and the rubber roller… Read More »

Paddy Seperating Process

Paddy separating process is to separate paddy and mixture of paddy and brown rice into three types: paddy, mixture of paddy and brown rice, and brown rice, correspondingly there are three outlets for three types to discharge out from the machine: paddy is back to hulling machine, then mixture of paddy and brown rice is… Read More »

Rice Milling Process

Rice milling process is to remove external rice husk and dampen the rice suitably to achieve slippery and shinning appearance. When brown rice passes through the milling chamber, the sufficient friction is made between rice particles, between rice particles and screen frame and between rice particles and roller under the inner pressure, rotation of iron… Read More »

Rice Grading Process

Rice grading process is to classify the white rice into various grades according to the rice length or rice thickness; it can differentiate head rice and cracked rice, rice and rice-liked impurities. It is the later process in the rice processing. This machine is mainly used to grade the white rice in rice mill. It… Read More »

Rice Sorting Process

Rice sorting process is to sort out the heterochromous and slity granules and glass from the white rice according to the color different between materials, therefore to improve the rice quality, remove the impurities and reduce the production cost. CCD Color sorter machine determines the color shade and luminousness by image pick-up of materials, compares… Read More »

Rice Polishing Machine

Rice polishing process is to remove floating bran on the rice surface, and to make rice gelatinization which heals the rice rift, therefore to obtain the glittering, translucent and glabrous appearance, and to improve the rice storage performance and practical quality. So rice polishing is the necessary process for the rice whitening. Ordinary Rice Polishing… Read More »

Rice Packaging Process

Rice packaging process is to weigh the finished rice in the required weight, put them into plastic bag or in woven bag, then seal the bag to make a package for the easy transportation and storage. It is the last process for the whole rice milling procedure. Semi-automatic rice packaging machine is for the quantitative packaging… Read More »

Complete Rice Milling Line

The whole line consists of paddy pre-cleaning machine, paddy de-stoning machine, paddy hulling machine, paddy separating machine, rice milling machine, rice polishing machine, color sorting machine, rice grading machine, and rice packaging machine. It is the fully-automatic rice processing line and suitable for the big, middle and small size of rice mill plant. NZJ Compact… Read More »