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Biomass power generation

Biomass gasification power generation is to convert the biomass materials like rice husks, wood chips, straws, corn stalks, palm shells, and etc in the gasifier to the gas fuel, after purification then directly into the gas-engine to generate electricity. Biomass gasification power generation can be realized by three ways: a. Biomass after gasifying becomes gas… Read More »

Rice Bran Extraction Process

Fines content in the rice bran is big, starch content is high. Under the role of continuous moist and heat, materials like starch absorb the water and swell, and then it is easy to generate gluing effect after pasting, which easily blocks the access line of spraying and immersion of mixed oil in the extracting… Read More »

Rice Bran Oil Refining Process

The key difficulty for the rice bran oil refining is that there are plenty of free fatty acid, wax, rice bran powder, and pigment in the crude oil. Free fatty acid reduces refining yield. Wax presents milky liquid during refining process, which reduce the yield, and it is easy attached to the starching clay, which… Read More »

Rice Bran Oil Production Line

Rice bran oil production line is to achieve the crude rice bran oil by expression or by extraction process. If it is further moved to refining plant, we can get the edible rice bran oil which is the healthy cooking oil with high nutrition; it can be used to produce biodiesel, daily use chemical goods,… Read More »

Rice Husk Gringing Machine

Rice husk grinding machine is to break up the rice husk to the required size for the further use. It can work together with dust collector, draft fan, dust remover, and control panel to make an assembly line for the mass production of the rice husk. Rice husk grinding machine is attractive in appearance, compact… Read More »

Instant rice noodle production line

Instant rice noodle production line is to produce instant rice noodles which are packed in bowls or bags for the convenient consumption. It keeps natural rice flavor, tastes smooth, and looks slime and transparent. Processing Procedure Flour Insert — Mixing — Ripening — Lifting — Feeding — First Extrusion — Second Extrusion — Vermicelli Forming… Read More »

Rice Noodle Machine

Rice noodle machine uses rice as the raw material to produce the grain pasta, rice noodle, rice vermicelli and etc by low-speed high-pressure extruding machine. Both single rice noodle machine and the fully automatic rice noodle production line are available. Rice noodle machine consists of transmission case, high-speed cooker and low-pressure high-speed extruder. It realizes… Read More »

Grain Dryer

Grain dryer is to dry the paddy, wheat, corn, seed or other grains to extend the storage time, and meet the grain moisture requirement for the further processing to achieve the good quality of food. Continuous grain dryer is suitable to dry the uniform variety cropping with big quantity and short drying period. It is… Read More »

Rice Processing Machine

We have various rice processing machines: Grain dryer, to guarantee the paddy quality with less moldy grain, and milled rice quality with less percent of cracked rice; Rice noodle machine, to produce tasty instant and vermicelli rice noodles; Rice husk grinding machine, to make full use of the byproduct from rice milling for feed production,… Read More »