Combine Harvester

Our combine harvester has obtained multiple national patents and well received great reputation by farmers.

Product Feature:

● The machine adopts hydraulic continuously variable transmission and it also has feed adjustment, load display, & automatic alarming system.

● The travel system employs hydraulic continuously variable transmission plus speed changing box with three-speed gear shift, which achieves a wide range of speed adjustment.

● The displacement of HST variable pump is 0-29.2ml/r and the hydraulic oil pump utilizes imported parts and technologies.

● Some key parts like the gears and spine shaft are imported.

● The track size is 400 x 90 x 46.

● The machine applies the suspended type wheel system and combined sealing system.

● The straw screen space and wind power are all adjustable.

● It is equipped with straw smashing, tiling, and piling system.

● Optional imported engine,cutting platform assembly, and threshing assembly.

Technical Specification

Cutting Width (mm) 1450-1500
Cutting Rows 160, 4
Weight (kg) 2450
Suited Power (kw/hp) 46/62.5 (498A)160

51.5/70 (Changchai 4L88)

Overall Dimension (mm) 4340215 x 1780215 x 2270
Oil Tank (l) 50
Cleaning Mode Air-blasting, Shaking,

Sucking in full width

Rubber Track 400215, 90215, 46
Track Gauge 160 (mm) 1000
Working Efficiency (mu/hour) 4-7
Grain Tank (bag) 3

Whole-Feed Wheeled Combine Harvester

Product Feature: 

● Outlet of straw-discharging at threshing room uses grid structure instead of punched concave to increase separating area.

● Pin roll diameter of steering axle hydro-cylinder is changed to 16mm from 14mm.

● Transmission chain-wheel of feeding auger.

● It adds protecting wire net at stepless speed-change wheel for not get tangled up by weeds.

● Power output pulley changes to quadruplet pulley to increase transmission efficiency.

● Increase grain-unloading speed by 10%-15% with unloading time reduced.

● Position of ratchet sleeve of rethresher is changed to inside of pulley, meanwhile spindle head is thickened by 5mm, with common-use spare parts.

● Driving shaft diameter of sieve box increased by 5mm, with welding structure as flat key connection, more durable and fewer spare parts for change.

● Three holes instead of four for intermediate shaft pulley A and B and axial-flow drum pulley, which is convenient to use triangle bearing puller for maintenance.

● Strengthened steering axle.

● An interface reserved for matching corn cutting header (corn cutting header is three-row structure).

● Equipped with LINGONG gear box on chassis for easier access to spare parts.

● Equipped with LUOTUO engine, 61.5kw/83hp or 66.2kw/90hp for an option.

● 90hp engine, YUCHAI and LUOCHAI for an option.

● Strengthened reel bat and rear wheel gauge, adjustable steering rear axle.

● Rear brake for an option.

Technical Specification

Cutting Width (m) 2.36 Tyre Model



10-15, 0.18-0.2

Feeding Capacity (kg/s) 2.0 Min. Turning Radius


Left 4.4-4.5

Right 4.2-4.3

Engine Model 4108/4110 Grain Tank(m3) 1300-1500/1.3
Engine Power (kw/hp) 61/83 (66.2/90) Oil Tank (l) 165
Weight (kg) 4400 Threshing Drum 500/550
Wheel Gauge (mm) 1.7(front)


Overall Dimension


5600 x 2620 x 2910

Whole-Feed Crawler Combine Harvester

Product Feature:

● Double threshing drums to make less loss with main threshing drum 1330mm x 556mm and secondary threshing drum 1330mm x 400mm.

● Reel bat controlled by HST for rotation, lifted and dropped hydraulically.

● Threshing drum is equipped duplex chain 12A (P:1905).

● Gear box with friction plate inside; without transmission case, the outer diameter of clutch belt Pulley is 268mm with automobile Friction Plate.

● Mechanical and hydraulic steering at your option.

● Reinforced chassis with min. ground clearance 275mm, splay beam and sealed wheel train similar as that used on half-feed.

● Size of rubber track is 400mm x 90mm x 50mm.

● With increased capacity of fuel tank close to 80L.

● Bigger grain tank as 1.1m3 with alarm lamp, unloading lamp and grain tank distribution auger added.

● With arc operation cabin.

● With two-way hydro-cylinder debanker and air heater.

● Length of extensional unloading pipe increased by 50cm, and the height from ground to the unloading point is over 2.5m.

● With widened conveyer as 480mm (Width for JIALONG model is 400mm).

● Quadruplet belt for main transmission.

● With outer diameter of elevator auger increased to 162mm (formerly 144mm).

● Straw chopper is optional. (for harvesting wheat)

● Batteries have been changed from 2 x 80ah to 2 x 120ah to increase capacity.

● With synchronous double hydro-cylinder to improve the header’s stability for lifting and dropping.

● Way of connection between elevator auger and splined shaft changed to improve usability.

● With track gauge widened to 1300mm (formerly 1200mm) to make harvester better balanced and stable.

● With wrist-action design for header and bettered material to make it more durable.

Technical Specification

Cutting width (m) 2.9
Feeding Capacity (kg/s) 5.0
Power 120 hp/2700 rpm
Engine Type Yuchai
Transmission HST (Hydraulic Stepless Transmission)
HST displacement 40 cc
Gearbox 85 type
Thresher Vertical threshing cylinder
Truck 500 x 90 x 56 / optional: 450 x 90 x 56
Grain tank (m3) (around 1000kg) 1.5
Ground Clearance (mm) 300
Wight (kg) 3800
Cleaning system Blowing fan + Oscillating double-layer sieve + Re-thresher
Lost Rate (%) Rice≤2.0, wheat≤2.0
Broken Rate (%) Rice≤2.0, wheat≤2.0
Impurity (%) Rice≤2.0, wheat≤2.0
Fuel Tank (l) 100
Overall Dimension (mm) 5300 x 3200 x 2810
Working Efficiency (ha/h) 0.6-1.0