Combine Harvester

Our combine harvester has obtained multiple national patents and well received great reputation by farmers. 

 Product Feature:

The machine adopts hydraulic continuously variable transmission and it also has feed adjustment, load display, & automatic alarming system.

 The travel system employs hydraulic continuously variable transmission plus speed changing box with three-speed gear shift, which achieves a wide range of speed adjustment.

 The displacement of HST variable pump is 0-29.2ml/r and the hydraulic oil pump utilizes imported parts and technologies.

 Some key parts like the gears and spine shaft are imported.

 The track size is 400 x 90 x 46.

 The machine applies the suspended type wheel system and combined sealing system.

 The straw screen space and wind power are all adjustable.

 It is equipped with straw smashing, tiling, and piling system.

 Optional imported engine,cutting platform assembly, and threshing assembly.

Technical Specification

Cutting Width (mm)


Cutting Rows

160, 4

Weight (kg)


Suited Power (kw/hp)

46/62.5 (498A)160

51.5/70 (Changchai 4L88)

Overall Dimension (mm)

4340215 x 1780215 x 2270

Oil Tank (l)


Cleaning Mode

Air-blasting, Shaking,

Sucking in full width

Rubber Track

400215, 90215, 46

Track Gauge 160 (mm)


Working Efficiency (mu/hour)


Grain Tank (bag)


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