Complete Rice Milling Line

The whole line consists of paddy pre-cleaning machine, paddy de-stoning machine, paddy hulling machine, paddy separating machine, rice milling machine, rice polishing machine, color sorting machine, rice grading machine, and rice packaging machine. It is the fully-automatic rice processing line and suitable for the big, middle and small size of rice mill plant.

NZJ Compact Rice Milling Line is to aim at rice deep processing. It consists of pre-cleaning machine, de-stoning machine, hulling machine, paddy separating machine, rice milling machine, polishing machine, grading machine, elevator and etc. It is the rice milling line in small size varying from 600kg/hour to 2500kg/hour or more. It is compact in structure.

Product feature:

● Attractive appearance, advanced structure, automatic feeding makes the operation convenient and swift.

● Less broken rice and higher output.

● Easy operation, low power consumption.

● It is a combined horizontal structure which occupies small space.

● It is suitable for small or medium sized rice mill.

● Low rice breakage rate and lower rice temperature.

The whole line could be customized according to customer’s requirement. The machine configuration can be adjusted as needed.

Complete rice milling line is for the deep rice processing and to achieve the high quality white rice. The output is from 2.5ton/hour to 15ton/hour or more.

Product Feature:

● Robust and compact in structure.

● Attractive appearance.

● Easy operation and maintenance.

● Small space.

● High yield rate.

● Widely popularly used by the customer all over the world.