Grain Dryer

Grain dryer is to dry the paddy, wheat, corn, seed or other grains to extend the storage time, and meet the grain moisture requirement for the further processing to achieve the good quality of food.

Continuous grain dryer is suitable to dry the uniform variety cropping with big quantity and short drying period. It is divided into three different drying systems according to the relative movement direction between grain and airflow: cross-flow dryers, mixed-flow dryer, concurrent-flow and countercurrent dryers. The main component parts are drying tower, air-heating furnace, pre-cleaner, elevator and conveyors, dust collection system and so on.

Product Feature:

● It applies multiple wind ducts and multiple stages of hot-grain tempering which improve the quality of dried grain, decreases the percent of cracked rice.

● The air heating furnace of this gain dryer uses wasted husk, wood leftovers, and straws, and other biomass material as the fuel, which decreases the cost dramatically.

● Dust separation of exhaust avoids the pollution.

● Rigid modular system is to speed up the installation and make the whole drying tower looks sanitary.

● Heat alarm system is equipped to make the drying process more safe and reliable.

● It is simple and easy in operation.

● It is suitable for drying paddy rice, wheat, corn and vegetable seeds.

● Customized product is available according to the special request.

● The output of tower dryer can vary from 1ton/hour to 50ton/hour.

Technical Specification

Item/Machine Model SLP-2 SLP-5
Capacity (ton/hour) 2 5
Moisture Reduction (℃) 5 – 16
Environment Temperature (℃) -30 – 30
Hot Wind Temperature (℃) <120 (adjustable)
Maximum Grain Temperature (℃) <50
Temperature of Discharged Grain (℃) 8℃ higher than the environment temperature
Power (kw) Determined by the configuration
Unit Heat Consumption (kj/kg) H2O 5800
Grain Quality Increased Percent Broken Rice (%) ≤0.5
Moisture Unevenness (%) ≤2
Corn Viability after Drying Non-reduction
Overall Size Length (m) 3.2 3.9
Width (m) 2.1 3.1
Height (m) 11.8 13.3