High Speed Transplanter

High speed transplanter, called also as riding transplanter, is the machine with high-technology. Comparing with walking transplanter, it is more comfortable and productive. It is inclined to develop riding type in the future. More number of rows, the higher the productivity is. Usually, 6-row riding transplanter is the most popular machine considering the overall high performance-price ratio.

Product Feature:

● The front wheel is equipped with independent absorption of vibration, which provides a comfortable operating environment.

● The engine of the riding planter has high-power, strong torque, and big fueltank.

● The speed can be adjusted optionally as it is infinite variable.

● The planter can realize high-speed planting and automatic adjustment of transplanting depth.

● The planter can match the row easily and accurately after u-turn.

● The design of unit clutch makes the number of rows adjustable according to the actual requirement.

● The machine adopts human-oriented-design with safety protection and is washed easily by water pump.

Technical Specification

Model SLRT-6 DK
Size (L x W x H) (mm) 3075×215, 2200 ×215, 1620
Minimum Height (mm) 350
Weight (kg) 625
Engine Model GX610K1
Type 4-Stroke OHV Air-Cooled Gasoline Engine
Rated Power (kw/ps) 10.3/14
Maximum Power (kw/ps) 11.8/16
Maximum Speed (rpm) 3600
Fuel Unleaded Petrol (93#/97#)
Capacity (l) 20
Walking Driving Mode Four-Wheel Drive
Wheel Front (mm) Solid Tire 650
Rear (mm) Convex Rubber Antihelixes900
Variable Speed HMT
Speed Shifting 2 Forward/1 Reverse
Planting Type Rotary
Rows 6
Planting Width (cm) 30
Distance Between Hill (cm) 22, 18, 16, 14, 12
Plants (each 3.3m2) 50, 60, 70, 80, 90
Depth of Transplanting (cm) 14-44 (Six Gears)
Balance Device TBS (Manually or Automatically)


Horizontal (times) 18, 20, 26
Vertical (mm) 8-17
Planting Speed (m/s) 0-1.45
Planting Capacity (ha/h) 0.27-0.6