Instant rice noodle production line

Instant rice noodle production line is to produce instant rice noodles which are packed in bowls or bags for the convenient consumption. It keeps natural rice flavor, tastes smooth, and looks slime and transparent.

Processing Procedure

Flour Insert — Mixing — Ripening — Lifting — Feeding — First Extrusion — Second Extrusion — Vermicelli Forming — Rationing Cutting — Combing — Adjusting — Distributing — Aging — Steaming — Drying — Cooling — Inspecting — Packaging — Production Conveyor

Product Feature:

● It is the highly automatic line from flour feeding to the final packaging, which need less manual operation. The workers just need observe, monitor and adjust the machines.

● There is no need to manually loose the noodles for the vermicelli is tidy after extruding and no need to weight each paste since each vermicelli block is stable. The whole processing is controlled and adjusted in advance.

● The aging tunnel deploys multiple-level cycling belt. To improve the aging effect, shorten the time, and save the energy, the heaters and humidifiers are reasoning installed among the aging tunnel.

● The line adopts PLC for the rationing cutting machine, the operator just need adjust the coding and reset the new data according to the demand, the frequency convertor will automatically adjust the speed of reticular belt to control the weight and assure the quality of the products.

● Both wet-milling rice flour and dry-milling flour can be used, which does not affect the quality of final products.

● The configuration of the whole line could be customized.

Technical Specification

Daily Output (70g/pcs) 40,000pcs
Compressed Air (m3/min) 0.6
Steam (kg/h) 330
Water (ton/day) 2/6
Power (kw) 86
Operators 7

L x W x H (m)

60 x 3.2 x 3.5