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How to choose the good rice

Jun 07, 2017

How to choose the good rice


Specifically, there are three ways to select the god rice: 

First, take a look. Firstly look at whether the color of rice is uniform in color, size, and shape, which can determine whether there are different varieties of rice mixed together. Usually, rice starch structure is good and taste is wonderful for that rice with transparent and clear appearance.  The less transparent rice may taste more viscous and watery. 

Second, have a smell. Grasping a hand of rice to smell, the new rice will have a natural valley fragrance while the old rice with longer period storage is prone to have rancidity. 

Third, make a shake. Hold a handful rice then slowly outwell it to see if there is broken rice or grain which is not full. If there is, may be it is over-processed or it has the poor quality.

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