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the precautions for the use of Rice Milling machine

Jun 14, 2017

the precautions for the use of  Rice Milling machine 

1. Before the brown rice enters into hopper, we should inspect whether there is the metal and stones, so as to avoid the make the wheel damaged.

2.  When whitening process is finished, we should pull out the front rotating block and clear the rice bran remained in the whitening chamber.

3. Milling accuracy is determined by the brown rice varieties which decide the testing sample quantity and whitening time. Low precision sample quantity is better to be 17-18g, the whitening time is short; high precision sample quantity is better to be 20g, and the whitening time is a little longer. 

4. After long time use of the machine and processing high moisture brown rice, rice bran is bonded with grinding wheel which influences the whitening precision. The wrench could be used to remove the wheel and the metal brush is to clear the rice bran powder, after that the wheel is installed according to original look for the continue usage. 

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