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Energy Saving and Consumption Decrease Measures during Rice Milling

Dec 28, 2017

1. It should determine difference processes according to the variety of the grain types. It is recommeded to use non-peak time to organize the productions. 

2. In the husking process, it shouldn't over pursue the high husk seperation ratio. It should choose the velocity difference and pressure to maintain the 85%-90% husk seperation ratio.

3. The water adjustment in the rice milling process is very important and necessary to enhance the rice production ratio and energy consumption ratio.

4. The rice milling and polishing are two most electricity consumption phases. The rice milling will consume 45% of total electricity consumption, and the polishing will consume 30% of total.  In order to ensure the rice quality, multi-machine light milling and additional wet polishing are critical processes to reduce the electricity consumption.

5. It requires calculations to determine the equipment power and it is necessary to equip compatiable motor. It shouldn't increase the safety coefficient to cause the standby power overloaded.

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