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How to Correctly Maintain the Motor of the Rice Milling Line?

Jan 09, 2018

One of the most important parts in the rice milling line is the motor. Without the smooth operation of the motor, it cannot ensure the rice milling line running well. So it is very important and necessary to maintain the motor during the rice milling line on the shut-down condition.

How to well maintain the motor? Following steps need to be taken:

1. regular check and maintenace including the integrated maintenance of the line, motor bearing cleaning and exchange, insulation monitoring, cooling system improvement, and etc.

2. make sure the workers' operations complying with the correct procedures, and try to avoid various man-made accidents.

3. it is necessary to check whether the fixed bolts on the chainring are loosening or not.

4. before the operation of the line, it should add lubricant oils.  

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