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The major aspects to influence the de-stoners operations

Jan 23, 2018

During the normal operations of the de-stoners, it requires to penetrate the upflow of the raw materials. If the velocity of the upflow is too big, the materials is easy to pass through the screen surface to cause the uneven airflow.  On the other hand, if the velocity is very low, it is easy to cause the raw materials with the stones.

1.Angle: the angle between the screen surface and horizontal surface. The angle is able to influence the de-stoner capacity and efficiency. When the angle is big, it facilitates the gliding of the raw materials, but lowers the efficiency. However, when the angle is small enough, it enables to take away the stones.

2.Throwing angle: the angle between the vibration and screen surface. The mode of the vibration is reciprocating linear vibration and the vibration direction is inclined. The normal throwing angle is between 30 to 35.

3.Amplitude and frequency of vibration: The higher amplitude and frequency of vibration may cause the enhancement of the capacity. On the same time, it may cause the material classifications. On the contrary, the lower situation also causes the material classifications automatically. So normally, the amplitude will keep between 3.5mm to 5mm.

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