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The largest rice milling line on the process in Chongqing China

Feb 01, 2018

Last month, the local press reported that the largest rice milling line was on the process, and it was able to achieve daily feeding capacity 250 tones and 150 tones output capacity.

The person in charge of this project introduced that the capacities of most of the rice milling lines ranged from 80 tones to 100 tones. This line adapts the most advanced technologies on paddy cleaning, husking, rice milling and packaging phases. In addition, it optimizes the rice milling process to achieve a big amount of the capacity.

Since the high-tech was used, it ensured the high quality of the finished rice ratio. The 1st grade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade final rice rate would be higher than 52%, 60% and 63%, which are all better than the national standard.

On the other hand, this line applied 9 sets of dust cleaners to ensure the environmental protections.

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