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Rice Milling Machine Maintenance and Cost

Feb 06, 2018

For the customers, the safety issue is always the first priority. The manufacturers should produce high-quality products to ensure the use and operation safety.    

The design and manufacture of the rice milling machines have very strict requirements on the hygiene. Another important aspect is to operate the machines by well-trained staff, especially for the complete line. It enables to reduce the possibilities of the machine breakdown.

During the construction phase, it is required to construct the line in accordance with the drawings. If it doesn’t comply with the drawings, it need to recheck the size to make sure to comply with the drawings.

Working environment is also a very important aspect. The machines need to be placed in a clean, dry and ventilated area. Before the line operates, it need to check if there are any impurities in the single machine.  In addition, the daily maintenance is a good way to keep the machines on a good condition.

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