Paddy Destoning Process

Paddy de-stoning process is mainly to eliminate the sundries like grass seeds, rice husks and paddy insects, the stones, clod and sand from the paddy. It is to further clean the grain and prepare for next processing.

Vibrating Screen Combinational Destoner

The machine is dedicated to clean grains by removing the stones. It is the de-stoning machine designed by absorbing the domestic and international advanced technology and integrating the grain processing practices of our country. It is the kind of novel destoner with roll cleaning, stone removing and dust controlling. It is best to eliminate the stones from paddy and rice.

Product Feature:

● It has two parts: cleaning and de-stoning.

● Cleaning part removes all materials that deviates from the size of the grain  kernel like straw, strings, small seeds which are light and effectively  extracted by sieving.

● De-stoning is mainly to remove any additional stones.

● Efficient cleaning, high output, easy operation, good appearance, stable  performance, low consumption, light weight, low noise and no dust pollution.

Technical Specification

Model Output(t/h) Power(kw) Air Quantity(m/h) Overall Size(mm)
ZQS58 1.1-1.6 2×0.2 2300-2500 1330x1050x1780
ZQS80 2-3 2×0.2 4400-4600 1330x1220x1780
ZQS100 3-3.4 2×0.37 5400-5600 1330x1420x1780

Gravity Classification Destoner

This machine is the kind of de-stoner which is more economical and practical. It integrates screening, classifying, de-stoning and winnowing. It is suitable to separate the high-density materials like stone, metal, glass and etc efficiently.

Product Feature:

● High efficient separating rate, outstanding grain cleaning ability.

● Big output, low noise, low consumption, and small land occupation.

● Steady working performance.

● Wide application. It also can be used for the wheat, corn, rye, buckwheat,  millet, oat and barley.

Technical Specification

Model Output




Vibrating Range


Vibrating Frequency




Overall Size


TQSF80 3-5 0.37×2 4-6 940 350 1350x1050x1800
TQSF100 5-7 0.45×2 4-6 940 480 1400x1250x1920
TQSF120 7-9 0.60×2 4-6 940 550 1460x1500x1940

Suction Type Vibrating Destoner

This machine is the most advanced de-stoner designed and manufactured elaborately which introduces the advanced foreign technology and adopts modern grain machine fabricating technology. It is used to remove stones from granular material. Under the wind pressure, the grain and stone are separated automatically, these two are moving towards the reverse direction under pressure of pulsating sieve plates, thereby to achieve the best effect of de-stoning.

Product Feature:

● Vibrating motor is adopted for driving.

● Smooth operation, compact structure, steady mechanical performance, small  land occupation.

● Double layer de-stoning structure, stable de-stoning effect, small grain  content in the removed stones.

● Totally enclosed structure, no dust emission; wind pressure and volume can be adjusted and there is sub pressure display device equipped.

● Long-life lighting system is deployed for easy observation.

Technical Specification

Model Output(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Overall Size(mm)
TQSX150x2 8-12 0.3×2 710 1640x1837x1852
TQSX120x2 6-10 0.3×2 600 1622x1511x1780
TQSX100x2 3-4 0.25×2 500 1600x1400x1650
TQSX80x2 1.5-3 0.25×2 400 1510x1280x1510

Suction Type Gravity Destoner

This machine has higher de-stoning efficiency. The de-stoning sieve plate is scale structure which is suitable for grain with high stone content. It brings out the separation between grain and stone according to the specific gravity and suspension velocity of grain and impurities under the help of ascending air current, thereby to sort out the stone and silt from the paddy.

Product Feature:

● Easy operation and compact structure.

● To different material, the inclination angle of destining plate could be adjusted between 10 degree and 14 degree in order to achieve the bes technology effect.

● Air blow is external connected. The machine is totally enclosed, and there is no dust emission to attain environment protection requirement.

● Oscillating traverse structure and rubber bearing for twist joint, small  vibrating and low noise.

● Aligning bearing with locking device is used for transmission which makes the machine work more stable.

Technical Specification

Model Output(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Overall Size(mm)
TQSX100 5-7 0.75 380 1515x1125x1810
TQSX125 6-8 1.1 450 1615x1374x1810
TQSX160 7-10 1.5 580 2080x1720x2365