Paddy Hulling Process

Paddy hulling process is to remove the rice husk from the paddy then to get the brown rice. Rice hulling machine strips down the rice husk, reduces the rice crack and epidermis damage, and try to keep rough rice rounded.

Rubber Roll Rice Hulling Machine
This machine adopts double support structure, and the rubber roller is not likely to cause the roller reducing, therefore the work performance is stable. It applies gear box to keep the reasonable line velocity difference and summation between fast roller and slow roller. Husking yield reach 85-90%. During the roller working, it can realize roller exchange between fast roller and slow roller without roller removing and changing.

Product Feature:

● Shedding plate structure, even paddy feeding, stable work performance,  equipped with feeding tracking device.

● Crude bran separating device with vertical air duct is deployed to guarantee  good separating effect. Rice content in crude bran is small, bran content in  the mixture of paddy and husked rice is small.

● The surface of brown rice is smooth.

● Cracked rice is less.

Technical Specification

Model Output(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Overall Size(mm)
MLGT51 5.5-6 15 1100 1276x1266x2234
MLGT36 4-5 7.5 900 1400x1268x2200
MLGT25 2.5-3.5 5.5 800 1264x942x2063

Pneumatic Rice Hulling Machine
This machine is equipped with vibrating paddy feeder with variable frequency function. The flow rate is infinitely variably controlled, which coordinates with trackable lengthened shedding plate, to make the paddy feeding accurately and make the rubber roller work in the best state. Pneumatic rice huller is the new-style hulling machine designed to suit the electromechanical integration requirement of modern rice milling machine.

Product Feature:

● High degree of automation, simple operation. Rubber rollers disengage each other when there is no paddy feeding, and approach each other when there is grain feeding. Feeding gate and rubber roller are controlled automatically by the pneumatic component and the roll pressure is adjusted by pressure regulating valve directly.

● Entire parallel travelling bearing block structure is used to guarantee the even roller force, stable working, and higher husking rate. And furthermore, it avoids roller reducing and extends the roller lift so to improve the economical benefit.

● New-type gear box is easily operated and it is sturdy and durable. Synchronous belt drive is between gear box and fast-slow roller, which has non-slip, non-speed-drop, high efficiency, low noise and reliable technology.

● Big output, outstanding performance and stable working.

Technical Specification

Model Output(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg) Overall Size(mm)
MLGT51B 6-8 15 1000 1356x1404x2161
MLGT36B 4-5 11 900 1274x1133x2200