Portable Harvester

Portable harvester, also called mini harvester or paddy cutter, suits to work in the plane, highland, terrace, triangular area and marshy land. It can harvest wheat, paddy, soybean, sugarcane, reed, clover and the other crops. It is easily operated and is highly efficient during work. There are series of products equipped with engines of different displacements available.

Product Feature:

● Easy operation, small measurement, light weight, flexible turning, simple dismantling and easy throttle-control.

● Wide suitability. It can work in the mountain area, the hilly terrain and muddy field. It is suitable to work in the large planting area, also in the small land.

● Powerful engine and compact structure. Two-stroke and four-stroke are available.

● Harvesting and clearing are finished together.

● Configuration can be optional according to the requirement.

● It can be used to reap paddy, wheat, corn, legume, grass, and etc.

● Harvesting rate: 500m2-800m2/person.

● Loss rate:<1%.

Product Advantage:

● Engine adopts Japanese technology, which is strong and stable. Cylinder wall is chrome plated and reinforced crank is equipped, which lengthen the motor work-life and obtain the best performance.

● Blade is made of extra fine manganese steel, and transmission part uses the advanced high-frequency quenching techniques to guarantee the high-wearing feature. The gear mesh of transmission part is accurate and compact to achieve the smooth operation, which greatly decrease the maintenance charge of end user.

● Necessary guarding articles like waist support provides the high comfort and safety during working.

● Harvesting is clear and the laying is tidy in swatch or in stack.

● After the change of matched blade or work head with safety cover, it can reap brush, grass, reed, legume and etc. It can also be used for pollard and lawn-edging.

● Use-cost is low and cost recovery is fast.

● It avoids the problem of frequent seizure leading by the under power of the electric-motor harvester. Its performance is smoother.

● The thickness of pipe is 1.8mm and the pipe diameter is 28mm.

● The vibration is small and the speed-raising in short distance is fast.

Technical Specification

Model SLBF430
Matched Engine 1E40F-5A
Displacement 42.7cc
Standard Power 1.25 kw/6500 r/min
Cutting Width 415 mm
Blade Length 255 mm
Net Weight 7.8kg
Engine Carton 380×320×420 mm
Shaft Carton 1666×110×103 mm
Qty. for 20gp/40gp/40hq 395/880/1020 sets