Mini-combine Harvester

Mini-combine harvester is head-feed micro-rice combine with most advanced technology nowadays. It features in rice straw reclamation; easy operation, small measurement, light weight and walking controllable. 

Product Feature:

 Easy operation, both man and women can drive it easily. It turns flexibly, maintain conveniently and dismantling simply. 

 Wide land suitability. It can work in dry and water field. It is fit for the big area of land in the plain, also the small cropland in the hilly ground.

 Strong power and climbing ability and flexible pass through ridge of field. 

 Mode of threshing is divided in two times. The first time, it integrates the threshing and conveying.Tthe second time, it integrates threshing and impurity-removing. The general threshing effect is great and cleaner.

 It is head-feed rice harvester of most advanced technology with more rapid harvesting effect and lower fuel consumption. The main feature guarantees the recycling of rice straw. 

 This model is of multiple country patents and obtains the identification of scientific and technological achievement of State Agricultural Machinery Bureau. 

Technical Specification


Overall Size (mm)

2590 x 1330 x 2010

Construction Type

Head-feed, crawler type,


Number of Row


Header Width (m)


Engine Model


H20 diesel engine

Rated Power of Matching Engine (kw)


Rated Speed of Matching Engine (r/m)


Fan Type/Diameter (mm)/

Number of Fan Leaf (pieces)


Number of Threshing Cylinder

2 pieces

Main Threshing Cylinder Type

Striping belt type

Outer Diameter of Main Threshing Cylinder (mm)

(outer diameter × length)

Stripping belt

1397×725 (perimeter x width)

Concave Type

The grid format

Vibrating Screen Type


Crawler type (mm)

(pitch x pitch number x width)

80 x 32 x 280

Grain Receiving Type

Artificial grain packaging

and discharging

Overall Weight (kg)


Threshing Type

Striping belt +

transverse-axle-spike-tooth type

Feed Rate (kg/s)


Theory Working Speed (km/h)


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