Rice Bran Extraction Process

Fines content in the rice bran is big, starch content is high. Under the role of continuous moist and heat, materials like starch absorb the water and swell, and then it is easy to generate gluing effect after pasting, which easily blocks the access line of spraying and immersion of mixed oil in the extracting screen, furthermore, it will lead to the difficult dredge discharge even to cause bridging. Once the starch in the wet dredge of rice bran is pasting, desolventizing will be difficult. Moreover, the crude rice bran oil is easily to hydrolyze. If with improper processing, the acid value in the crude bran oil ascends quickly, the oil is likely to oxidize and the depth of color is big.

Process Flow:

Rice Bran Pellet — Extracting — Filtering — Steaming — Stripping — Crude Oil Extraction

Main Machine:

Extraction Machine, Evapo-Separated Machine, Meal Trapper, Long Tube Evaporator, Tilted Plate Stripping Tower, Condenser, Boiling Tank, Tail Gas Absorber and etc.

Product Feature:

● It is designed dedicated to the rice bran oil extraction.

● It adopts sub-pressure evaporation technology.

● The resid is low, solvent consumption is small. The crude oil extracted has high quality and light color.