Rice Bran Oil Production Line

Rice bran oil production line is to achieve the crude rice bran oil by expression or by extraction process. If it is further moved to refining plant, we can get the edible rice bran oil which is the healthy cooking oil with high nutrition; it can be used to produce biodiesel, daily use chemical goods, the rice bran nutriment function foods, natural and biodegradable rice bran tableware, or be as the raw material of medicine and etc.

Rice bran is easily rancescent, oil produced after storage is of high acid value, low refining rate, it is not suitable to be stored. Generally, there are three phases for the rice bran oil production: rice bran pre-treatment or expressing; rice bran extraction process to extract oil; crude rice bran oil refining.

Usually there are three ways for the rice bran pre-treatment:

1. Rice bran after cooking is used to generate oil by hydraulic oil press or spiral oil press, the slag cake is to extraction plant or is sold to feed factory.

Main Machine: Rice Bran Hydraulic Oil Press

Product Feature:

● The machine spindle, screw press, gear and other main parts are made of High-quality alloy steel with hardening treatment, thus it promises the  durable and longer service life.

● Steaming and frying are both on your option. It can be adjusted according to the different requirement temperature of different oil products.

● Multi-function screw oil press automatically works from feeding, steaming and frying, to the cake extruding. It involves in simple management and labor saving.

2. Rice bran is processed by expanding treatment and drying then to the extraction workshop for the oil extraction. The rice bran after expanding treatment is fresh-keeping and suitable for the storage.

Main Machine: Dry Extruder

The machine integrates feeding, heating, extruding and shaping into one with many highlights: advanced process, compact structure, smooth running, low noise, high production efficiency, easy operation, convenient maintenance, and etc. By the squeezing and shearing forces of unequal-pitch pressing screw worms, the mechanical energy is converted into heat energy, heat the material inside to approx. 130℃ then shaped.The quality is internationally accepted, so it is the essential equipment for the production of rice bran oil and soybean extruding for oil.

Product Feature:

● After experiment, the acid value of rice bran processed by this machine is reduced approximately 3mgKOH/g for oil and approximately 3% for water content, comparing with those without extruding process.

● Fresh keeping: the acid value of processed rice bran rises about 1mgKOH/g after one month, even in the high-temperature season. After 3-6 months’ storage, the rice bran still complies with the oil production standard. But the acid value of unprocessed rice bran rises about 46mgKOH/g of oil in only one week, the value for oil production completely loses.

● The diameter of processed rice bran is around φ3~5mm, which supports strong solvent penetrability and achieves the best extraction effect. Practice has proved that rice bran after processing by this machine is improved to have more than one times of oil yield and 20% of refining yield, comparing with traditional pressing method. the extracted defatted rice bran is the best material for the production of phaseomannite and animal feed.

● Rice bran processed by this machine can produce high quality salad oil.

3. Rice bran is processed by pelletizing and drying then to the extraction workshop for the oil extraction.

The latter two methods are popularly used for the scale production.

Main Machine: Rice Bran Granulator

Product Feature:

● The feeding system adopts electrodeless variable-speed adjustment.

● The tempering system has the automatic temperature test device.

● Pelletizing parts is equipped with emergent material discharging device to prevent block of molding die, it also has the strong magnetic device, overload protection and automatic lubricating device.

● The whole machine is automatically controlled which keep the machine in the best working status.

● The granule formed by this machine is high in density and glabrous in appearance.

● The machine has compact structure, attractive look, high yield, low consumption and etc.