Rice Bran Oil Refining Process

The key difficulty for the rice bran oil refining is that there are plenty of free fatty acid, wax, rice bran powder, and pigment in the crude oil. Free fatty acid reduces refining yield. Wax presents milky liquid during refining process, which reduce the yield, and it is easy attached to the starching clay, which cause more starch clay are needed for the effective discoloring. Wax content in oil beyond certain limit will make the rice bran oil unsuitable for the frying; rice bran powder content is generally 0.5%-10% or more in oil, if the content is too high, it will generate entrainment which reduces the refining yield. The rice bran powder will precipitate in the oil tank, which leads to the frequent cleaning of equipment. The powder will cause the premature damage of transmission equipment like water pump, mixing machine, centrifuge and etc; rice bran oil contains kinds of vegetable fat pigment which make trouble for the de-coloring.

The feature of rice bran oil decides that the wastage of the traditional alkali refining is big and refining cost is high. So physical refining technology and equipment are utilized, which include 12 processes. The acid value for the first grade rice bran oil is less than 0.2mgKOH/g, color is less than Y20, R2. Refrigeration test meet the market demand, acid value of mixed fatty acid is150-190mgKOH/g.

Our combined deacidifying-deodorizing tower and rice bran oil physical refining technology can reduce the consumption of sodium hydroxide and active carbon; it also can effectively bring down oxidation value, and avoid color and acid returning during deodorization in high temperature, the production cost is low, acid value of fatty acid is high and trapping effect is good.

Process Flow:

Crude Oil — Degumming — Drying — Discoloring — Filtering — De-acidifying — Deodorizing — Dewaxing — Degreasing — Final edible rice bran oil

Product Feature:

‚󏬆Physical technology is adopted, advanced degumming technology is employed together with rich dewaxing and degreasing experiences, which can produce first grade rice bran oil with low cost and achieve the fatty acid with higher purity.