Rice Husk Gringing Machine

Rice husk grinding machine is to break up the rice husk to the required size for the further use. It can work together with dust collector, draft fan, dust remover, and control panel to make an assembly line for the mass production of the rice husk.

Rice husk grinding machine is attractive in appearance, compact in structure, and reliable in performance. It consists of base, rotor, shaft joint, guide mechanism, operating threshold, shock absorber, sieves and etc. the machine is made by welded steel plate in structure, which has higher mechanical strength.

It is widely used to break up the corn, wheat, bean, cotton seed, coconut husk, and rice husk and things.

Product Feature:

● Crushing chamber is teardrop shape and it supports secondary air to break the circulation layer of the chamber, which provides a sustainable increase in production.

● It passes strict balancing test, the machine runs smoothly. Rapid start-up access door and simple elastic pressure screening mechanism is convenient for the repair and sieve exchange easy.

● Rotor adopts Normal-reverse transfer, which supports two-way material feeding. It can serve several purposes like coarse grinding, fine grinding and ultrafine grinding in one machine just by adjusting the screen sieve.

● The inlet is set at the top of the machine, which can match with various feeding machine. Hammer leaf is symmetrical arranged.

● The rotor is built-in. there is no grinding dead zone. The granularity of finished power is more even.

● Machine body is embedded sealed, which completely avoid dust splits and assure the clean of the working environment.

● Simple in structure, strong in versatility, safe in operating, and high in productivity.

Technical Specification

Model Output (t/h) Power


Rotor Diameter


Bearing Model
Corn Rice Husk
SLSFSP56X30 2-3 25 22 560 3512
SLSFSP56X40 3-4 30 30 560 3512
SLSFSP60X40 5-6 40 37 560 3512
SLSFSP60X45 6-8 50 45 600 3512
SLSFSP60X60 8-10 60-80 55-75 600 3512
SLSFSP65X70 10-15 50-120 75 630 3512
SLSFSP65X80 14-20 100-150 90 630 3512