Rice Noodle Machine

Rice noodle machine uses rice as the raw material to produce the grain pasta, rice noodle, rice vermicelli and etc by low-speed high-pressure extruding machine. Both single rice noodle machine and the fully automatic rice noodle production line are available.

Rice noodle machine consists of transmission case, high-speed cooker and low-pressure high-speed extruder. It realizes the production mechanization, raise the productivity, save the energy, and lessen the workers. The produced rice noodle has no break, high slippery and good taste. The material is strongly sterilized with high temperature during the running in the machine, thus the microbe content in the finish product is extremely low, which is convenient for the long period storage.

Product Feature:

● The rice is directly put into our rice noodle machine without grinding and any other additives to keep the natural taste of the rice.

● The heat is generated by the mechanical extruding and friction, then the rice or con, bean, or other potato starch flour is extruded and processed directly into high quality rice noodle.

● After the improvement, the machine has longer service life, more stable performance, and reach international standard, which have been exported to many countries.

● Automatic operation with less people (1-2 people) and continuous production.

● It is Safe and stable operating without any pollution and it is compact in structure.

● The product doesn’t need further process and it is able to be eaten after coming out of the machine.

● It is multi-functional machines, which can use rice, flour, corn, potato, wheat and so on as raw materials to produce corresponding foods.

● It is of automatic feeding and easy operation, which is the ideal machine for home industries and small-medium size food processing company.

Technical Specification

Model Output




Net Weight



(L x W x H) (mm)

SL-M50 50 3 98 450X980X1200
SL-M80 80 4 138 450X1150X1200
SL-M180 180 11 460 980X900X1500
SL-M230 230 15.06 460 1230X1100X1600
SL-M320 320 18.5 548 1230X1100X1850
SL-M380 380 23.5 680 1250X1150X1860
SL-M450 450 23.5 910 1350X1250X1650
SL-M500 500 31.5 950 1350X1250X1650