Rice Packaging Process

Rice packaging process is to weigh the finished rice in the required weight, put them into plastic bag or in woven bag, then seal the bag to make a package for the easy transportation and storage. It is the last process for the whole rice milling procedure.

Semi-automatic rice packaging machine is for the quantitative packaging of granules material in various industries like food, grain, feed, confectionery and chemistry. The machine adopts dual-display instruments, which is high in measuring accuracy and stable in performance. It can show cumulative weight and package quantity. It is semi-automatic machine, need one worker to pick up the bag and put it under the scale. After the bag is full, it moves on the conveyor to the corresponding part for the automatic thermal code printing, automatic sealing and automatic thread-cutting.

Product Feature:

● Measuring accuracy is high, performance is stable, it is numeric indicator, and the operation is more convenient and easy.

● Self-adaptive software offers the function of controlling the parameter setup, the self-correcting of the fall height, deviation alarm and fault self-diagnostics etc.

● It has dual-scale body, high-speed measuring system, which can run alternately or synchronously, the efficiency is high.

● It adopts the imported sensor and pneumatic implementation mechanism which makes the work reliable, the maintenance easy and no pollution.

● The cabinet uses advanced plastic-sprayed craft. Parts which contact with raw material are made in imported stainless steel for its high sanitation standard, anticorrosion quality and long using life.

● Communication interface is reserved for the future data communication with host computer.

● Automatic thermal code printer, automatic sealing machine, and automatic thread-cutter are optional.

Technical Specification

Model Measuring Range


Packaging Error


Division Value


Packaging Speed


Overall Size


DCS-5 1-5 0.2% 5 300-500 1890X620X710
DCS-25 2.5-25 0.1% 10 300-420 2450x650x715
DCS-50 5-50 0.1% 20 ≥300 2560x650x715
DCS-100 10-100 0.1% 20 ≥300 2834X700X750