Rice Sorting Process

Rice sorting process is to sort out the heterochromous and slity granules and glass from the white rice according to the color different between materials, therefore to improve the rice quality, remove the impurities and reduce the production cost.

CCD Color sorter machine determines the color shade and luminousness by image pick-up of materials, compares illumination variant range caused, and makes jet-removal of materials beyond the range of set value. When the color sorter starts to work, materials in the feeding silo are evenly distributed into each channel through vibrator. Falling materials are under the inspection of CCD camera in the sorting chamber, if the unqualified materials or impurities are found, they will be blown into rejected product silo through blowout valve controlled by main control computer.

Product Feature:

● Hawkeye technology is adopted, which is a creation in the world.

● One button click is to realize fully-automatic sorting without professionals.

● Real-time operation and monitor of the machine is realizable through internet for the user at any time and location, so is for us to provide the service without any time and place limit.

● HD full color CCD camera is utilized to deeply discern the tiny spot, light yellow and other impurities the normal color sorter cant recognize. Advanced CCD chip promise the perfect HD scanning, precision identification, and high-speed computation.

● Automatic image capture and Sorting picture is showed and analyzed dynamically to achieve the truly visualization.

● Advanced intelligentized image grabbing and processing technology and spectrum analysis technology are used.

● Top-level cloud processing system, incomparable arithmetic capability and perfect program design create a brand-new intelligent masterpiece.

● The high performance LED optical system design and light control technology ensure maintenance free and reduce 35% of energy consumption.

● The new high-frequency solenoid valve dedicated to color sorter with ultra-low air consumption ensures optimized carryover ratio and high sorting accuracy. It features in perfect self-recovery system, low maintenance cost and long lifetime above 10 billion times.

● The global leading infrared technology can easily recognize impurities like glass, stones, etc. (optional)

Technical Specification

Model Output


Sorting Accuracy




Power Power Supply Dimension




CCD-K2 1.5-5 ≥99.99 >10:1 1.2 220V/50Hz 1200x1462x1756 700
CCD-K3 2-8 ≥99.99 >10:1 1.5 220V/50Hz 1560X1492X1860 860
CCD-K4 2.5-10 ≥99.99 >10:1 2.2 220V/50Hz 2100X1492X1860 950
CCD-K5 3-12 ≥99.99 >10:1 2.6 220V/50Hz 2100X1492X1940 1050
CCD-K7 5-16 ≥99.99 >10:1 3.6 220V/50Hz 2700X1492X1930 1300